2017 Update

I’m so proud of all my students, this year has been full of eisteddfods, school talent quests, musicals, recordings and of course singing lessons in Ryde.

First Up Musical News:

Lucette, Summer and Cherie all performed in Rascals production of Seussical the Musical. This was Cherie’s first musical and don’t the girls all look fantastic.

Eisteddfod News:

Summer performed in the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod and received a Highly Commended in the Contemporary Section. Congratulations Summer, I just love hearing you sing “Traveling Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks.

Devina is having an incredible year so far, not only is she preparing for her HSC she has also been involved in her school musical playing Danny in Xanadu as well as performing in multiple Eisteddfods. She came 1st in the Musical Theatre and Pop Section at the Fifth Avenue Eisteddfod and won the Senior Championship, wait a go Devina!

Term 2
This term we have a Nursing Home performance coming up at the end of June, two Eisteddfods and three musicals. Should be lots and lots of fun.

Happy Singing!

Term 4 2016

Hi Everyone,

2017 is just about to get going and I can’t wait to see all my students again. I hope you have all enjoyed the school holidays, just a quick post today about the carols day which again proved to be the best day of the year.

A Special thank you to A Little Snapshot for all your beautiful photos from the day.

I’m looking forward to another great year of singing lessons in Ryde. This term I’m teaching Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons as well as all day Saturday.

Happy Singing Everyone


Term 3 2016

Hi Everyone,

This is probably our biggest update yet!

First up – Musicals 


Grace, Ashton, Summer and Tyler all performed in Racal’s production of Shrek Jnr. The girls were all fantastic and the show was lots of fun. Heres a photo of me with the girls after the show still wearing their stage makeup, don’t they look fantastic.

Upcoming Musicals –
Lucette will be performing in Cat’s with Packemin Youth production in January.
Summer will be performing in Sydney Youth Musical Theatres Production of Beauty and the Beast in November.
And Tyler will be performing in APIA’s production of Shrek Jnr in December
Congratulations Girls this is Lucette 2nd Musical for the year and Summer and Tylers third!

Recording Day 2016

We had a wonderful day at Everland Studios  in Five Dock, thank you Ben for being so wonderful and hardworking for all my students.


Zara had a beautiful recording of Don’t Let me Down. Zara has been very busy with the Australian Girls Choir over the last few weeks as she was chosen to travel to Europe to represent the choir and from this recording I’m sure you can see why.


Lau recorded a stunning rendition of Michael Buble’s Sway. Lau was chosen to perform with his School’s Stage Band this year and he will be doing his HSC next year. Very proud of you Lau!


Little Ruby did a beautiful recording of Part of Your world from the Little Mermaid. She was just adorable and we had lots of fun.

Eisteddfod Results for Term 3


Ashton had a HUGE term 3, coming 1st in the Sydney Eisteddfod out of 34 kids! Ash also came 2nd at the Ryde Eisteddfod in the Pop Section and received two 1st places in the Five Dock Eisteddfod for the Pop and Jazz Categories. Well Done Ash you are a superstar.


Cherie came 3rd in the Five Dock Eisteddfod Musical Theatre Section singing When will my life begin from Disney’s Tangled, this was Cherie’s 2nd Eisteddfod, fantastic work Cherie!


Sofia came 2nd singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz in the Five Dock Eisteddfod and doesn’t she look adorable. Congratulations Sofia.


Summer came 1st in the Any Song Category and 2nd in Musical Theatre at Five Dock. Summer also received a 2nd place in Castle Hill Eisteddfod’s Musical Theatre and Championship Sections. Congratulations Summer, you give everything a go and all your hard work really does show!

Future – Term 4

Over the next term we will have a few musicals and our Annual Christmas Carols! I can’t wait, the Carols is probably my favourite day of the whole year. We will also be preparing for school talent quests and I will be welcoming quite a few new students. I only have a few places left for the term so please contact me soon if you are wanting Singing lessons in Ryde.

Until Next time, Happy Singing Everyone



Term 2 – 2016

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations to all my wonderfully talented and dedicated students, we had lots of performances and auditions last term.

Eisteddfod and Singing Update:

Bill 2

Bill came 2nd in the Senior Championship at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, he also received a 2nd place award in both the Pop and Musical Theatres Sections. I’m so incredibly proud of you!


Congratulations to Grace for winning 2nd place in the Contemporary section at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, this was Grace’s FIRST Eisteddfod

IMG_2572 (1)

Congratulations to my littlest performers Sofia and Tyler for both getting a Highly Commended in the Musical and Contemporary Sections, you both did Splendidly, and look at the happy faces


Congratulations Summer for coming 2nd in the Castle Hill Eisteddfod Championship. Summer also came 2nd in the Musical Theatre section and received 2 Highly Commended’s. Summer loves singing and rarely misses an opportunity to perform.

Congratulations Megan on getting into the Disney Premier Program in Orlando Florida! This is such a fantastic opportunity for you.


Musical Updates

Congratulations Ashton, Grace, Tyler and Summer who all got into the Rascal’s production of Shrek Jnr. For ticket information click here http://www.rascalsmusicalsociety.com.au/ 

Term 3 – This term we are looking forward to our Recording day in August. We also will have the Five Dock, Sydney and Ryde Eisteddfods.

Good luck to Ben who is doing his HSC this term, Ben has been a student of mine since he was in Primary school and I am so proud of how far he has come

Singing Lessons in Ryde are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday afternoons and all day Saturday

My News
I’m very excited to announce I will be starting a traineeship with the Australian Girls Choir this term.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to grow and learn more as a singing teacher. I will be doing this part time and my vocal lessons will continue as they always have.

Happy Singing Everyone!

Term 1 2016

Hi Everyone,


Eisteddfod Update:
We had our first Eisteddfod of the year with Summer competing and winning 5 Highly Commended’s in the Fifth Avenue Eisteddfod. Doesn’t she look super cute here as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Congratulations Summer!

Good luck to Sofia, Tyler, Bill, Grace, Summer and Ashton who are all competing in the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod over May. This is a very big Eisteddfod and runs over 3 weekends.

Musical News: 

Lucette, Summer, Ashton and Tyler all performed in High School Musical with Rascals. It was a wonderful production. Here’s a picture of the cast. For more information about Rascals next production check out their website www.rascalsmusicalsociety.com.au

Rascals High School Musical Jnr 2

IMG_2758 (1)

Happy Singing!