Term 2 – 2016

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations to all my wonderfully talented and dedicated students, we had lots of performances and auditions last term.

Eisteddfod and Singing Update:

Bill 2

Bill came 2nd in the Senior Championship at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, he also received a 2nd place award in both the Pop and Musical Theatres Sections. I’m so incredibly proud of you!


Congratulations to Grace for winning 2nd place in the Contemporary section at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, this was Grace’s FIRST Eisteddfod

IMG_2572 (1)

Congratulations to my littlest performers Sofia and Tyler for both getting a Highly Commended in the Musical and Contemporary Sections, you both did Splendidly, and look at the happy faces


Congratulations Summer for coming 2nd in the Castle Hill Eisteddfod Championship. Summer also came 2nd in the Musical Theatre section and received 2 Highly Commended’s. Summer loves singing and rarely misses an opportunity to perform.

Congratulations Megan on getting into the Disney Premier Program in Orlando Florida! This is such a fantastic opportunity for you.


Musical Updates

Congratulations Ashton, Grace, Tyler and Summer who all got into the Rascal’s production of Shrek Jnr. For ticket information click here http://www.rascalsmusicalsociety.com.au/ 

Term 3 – This term we are looking forward to our Recording day in August. We also will have the Five Dock, Sydney and Ryde Eisteddfods.

Good luck to Ben who is doing his HSC this term, Ben has been a student of mine since he was in Primary school and I am so proud of how far he has come

Singing Lessons in Ryde are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday afternoons and all day Saturday

My News
I’m very excited to announce I will be starting a traineeship with the Australian Girls Choir this term.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to grow and learn more as a singing teacher. I will be doing this part time and my vocal lessons will continue as they always have.

Happy Singing Everyone!

Term 1 2016

Hi Everyone,


Eisteddfod Update:
We had our first Eisteddfod of the year with Summer competing and winning 5 Highly Commended’s in the Fifth Avenue Eisteddfod. Doesn’t she look super cute here as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Congratulations Summer!

Good luck to Sofia, Tyler, Bill, Grace, Summer and Ashton who are all competing in the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod over May. This is a very big Eisteddfod and runs over 3 weekends.

Musical News: 

Lucette, Summer, Ashton and Tyler all performed in High School Musical with Rascals. It was a wonderful production. Here’s a picture of the cast. For more information about Rascals next production check out their website www.rascalsmusicalsociety.com.au

Rascals High School Musical Jnr 2

IMG_2758 (1)

Happy Singing!

Term 4 Recap

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can’t believe another year is over and this year is already underway.

Carols Update:

We had a wonderful day at the Ryde Community Carols, The kids were very professional and sung beautifully. Congratulations to Lucette, Cherie, Ania, Harry and Sarah who all sung on stage for the very first time.



Carols 6

I was so very proud of all you, and already am looking forward to what we will do next!

In Other News:
Louise was fantastic as the evil pirate Skylights in Peter Pan, Tyler had a great end to the year with Gypsy and Ashton completed her first musical Annie.

Singing lessons in Ryde will continue as usual this year and will start in February.

Up Coming Performances:
We have a few Musical Auditions coming up so make sure you contact me with details for High School Musical especially.

Eisteddfods start in March and I will be handing out entry forms in February.

New Singing Teacher!
I’m excited to announce that Alexandra Lynne will be starting singing teaching this year in the Carlingford Area. Alex is a former student of mine and has been completing her Bachelor of Music at Western Sydney University. I’m very proud of all her hard work and couldn’t recommend her more. http://alexandralynnemusic.wix.com/home

Happy Singing!

Term 3 Recap

Hi Everyone,

Yet again we’ve had a busy term with a Recording day, Eisteddfods, Musical auditions and the HSC! I am so proud of all my students who have worked hard and tried new things.

First Eisteddfod Results and Musical Update




Ashton had a brilliant day at the Fifth Avenue Eisteddfod in Castle Hill Winning the Junior Championship! Ash also auditioned for the Hills Musical production of Annie and got in! Congratulations Ash!





Summer competed in her first Eisteddfod at Fifth Avenue and won first place in the restricted section and received a Highly Commended for Musical Theatre. She also received a Highly Commended at the Ryde Eisteddfod for the Musical Theatre Section! Fantastic work Summer!


Sofia, Olivia and Isabel all received a Highly Commended at the Fifth Avenue Eisteddfod as well, look at the beautiful smiling faces! So proud of them all!

IMG_2154 (1)IMG_3232IMG_3233


Louise has been cast as Pirate ‘Skylights’ in SYMTs next production Peter Pan.  This is Louise’s first part in a Musical, Congratulations Louise I can’t wait to see you shine

Tickets for Alice in Wonderland Jnr are on sale and opening night is only a few weeks away you can buy tickets here. Tyler has been busy practicing for that and also auditioned for and got into Gypsy with Hornsby Musical Theatre Society. Congratulations Tyler, you are a little Musical Theatre Power House

Recording Day

One of my favourite things to do with my students is take them into a professional recording studio and have them experience the joy of creating there own CD. We did this last Sunday and it was great fun you can see some photos and hear a few recordings below

Cherie – Falling for ya



Summer – A thousand years

FullSizeRender IMG_7517


I’ll post some more recordings and photos in the next update which will probably be in a couple of weeks time as we have our last Eisteddfod for the year Show us your Talent in Five Dock. I will also have information for you all in the next month regarding Christmas Carols whohoo (my absolute favourite day of the year) and my former student and now fellow singing teacher Grace Colley will hopefully be teaching in the Ryde area soon as she is taking on some students for me as I am currently almost completely booked out! We are in the process of locking down a location for her and I will have an update about that by the end of the week.

Happy Singing Everyone,




So Many Musicals! Term 2

Wow it has been another massive term here at Music with Emma, with 3 musicals, The northern Beaches Eisteddfod and Grace Colley starting to teach singing lessons, it’s been extremely exciting and fun.  Grace will be taking over lessons for me in Pennant Hills as I will now be solely teaching from my studio in Ryde. I just wanted to say a quick thank you to C3 Carlingford for all your support and encouragement over the last 2 and a half years and for allowing me and my students to use your space to sing from each Tuesday night.

Musical Update

Georgia was incredible as Tracey in Hairspray, from the moment she appeared on stage Georgia blew me and everyone else away. Her singing, facial expressions and comedic timing made the show just incredible. Georgia is currently looking into future productions, having been in SYMT’s production of Cinderella last year and now Hairspray at Pacific Hills, She definitely has a lot of opportunities and will only keep going up from here.




Ben gave a powerful performance as Horton in Sussical the Musical. Every second he was on stage he was acting. Including 4 songs where he just had to sit on the side of the stage feeling miserable about his predicament he never let up, not for a second!  He’s voice was strong and he was especially moving. He’s already being courted by local theatre groups and I’m sure this is only the start of his career in Musical Theatre!10357761_476346145858148_2823119421411601734_o 11406532_476345962524833_7141731062289849555_o

Louise is busy preparing for SYMT’s production of 42nd Street which premiers tomorrow night! For tickets check out their website here – http://symt.org.au/42ndstreet

Tyler is rehearsing for Alice in Wonderland Jnr her very first stage show. – tickets will be on sale later this year

Eisteddfod Update

Anika, Tyler and Marianna competed in the Northern Beaches Musical Theatre section and each did an incredible job.


Tyler was the Evil Mother Gothel from Tangled, Anika the beautiful and hard working Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog and Marianna the hilarious and Glinda from Wicked. I was very proud of each of my girls.

Upcoming Events

Entries for the Castle Hill Eisteddfod are now closed. But entry forms for Five Dock and Carlingford will be available soon.

Musical Auditions have already started local and professional shows and will continue through August and September.


Happy Singing Everyone!