Term 2 – 2016

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations to all my wonderfully talented and dedicated students, we had lots of performances and auditions last term.

Eisteddfod and Singing Update:

Bill 2

Bill came 2nd in the Senior Championship at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, he also received a 2nd place award in both the Pop and Musical Theatres Sections. I’m so incredibly proud of you!


Congratulations to Grace for winning 2nd place in the Contemporary section at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, this was Grace’s FIRST Eisteddfod

IMG_2572 (1)

Congratulations to my littlest performers Sofia and Tyler for both getting a Highly Commended in the Musical and Contemporary Sections, you both did Splendidly, and look at the happy faces


Congratulations Summer for coming 2nd in the Castle Hill Eisteddfod Championship. Summer also came 2nd in the Musical Theatre section and received 2 Highly Commended’s. Summer loves singing and rarely misses an opportunity to perform.

Congratulations Megan on getting into the Disney Premier Program in Orlando Florida! This is such a fantastic opportunity for you.


Musical Updates

Congratulations Ashton, Grace, Tyler and Summer who all got into the Rascal’s production of Shrek Jnr. For ticket information click here http://www.rascalsmusicalsociety.com.au/ 

Term 3 – This term we are looking forward to our Recording day in August. We also will have the Five Dock, Sydney and Ryde Eisteddfods.

Good luck to Ben who is doing his HSC this term, Ben has been a student of mine since he was in Primary school and I am so proud of how far he has come

Singing Lessons in Ryde are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday afternoons and all day Saturday

My News
I’m very excited to announce I will be starting a traineeship with the Australian Girls Choir this term.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to grow and learn more as a singing teacher. I will be doing this part time and my vocal lessons will continue as they always have.

Happy Singing Everyone!