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I focus on vocal health and technique with pitch exercises and music theory.

I believe that live performances are instrumental for any developing singer and I organise regular public performances for all levels of experience. Some students who are timid about singing on stage can choose to sing in a choir or group song to help them transition into a solo performance.

All my lessons are tailored to each individual students needs and goals. During your first lesson I will ask you, what you are hoping to achieve or get out of your lessons? Then together we will work towards making that happen. I do this every subsequent term to make sure each student is progressing towards their own personal goals.

I also am passionate about working with students with special needs, having taught students with Autism, Aspergers, Hyperlexia and Cancer.

What you can learn or prepare for in lessons?

  • Vocal Techniques, Vocal Health. Including warm up exercises, projection, breathing and vocal placement.
  • Performance Techniques. Microphone use, Stage Movement and Presentation.
  • Musicianship. Music theory, Sight Singing and Aural Skills.
  • HSC Assessment Preparation.  Equipping students for every performance assessment they have through out the senior year.  All of my Senior students have received either a Band 5 or Band 6 for HSC music.
  • Musical Audition Preparation.   I have had a lot of students perform in Musicals as both lead and supporting roles and regularly update students on upcoming auditions.
  • Eisteddfods and Talent Quests. My students regularly perform in competitions at schools, parks, shopping centres and clubs. This offers them a safe space to put into practice what they are learning in each lesson, which is instrumental in developing a well rounded singer/performer.
  • AMEB Exam Preparation. Following the AMEB Curriculum I will teach the students everything they need to excel.  I have had no student receive less than a B when completing AMEB levels.

“Over the last few years I have had several singing teachers though none like Emma Pearson. I started singing with her in order to prepare for my music HSC exams. She helped me to achieve my spot as the first in my class come the end of year 12 and furthermore she also helped me gain entry to Wesley for a Bachelor of Music commencing this year. I could not be happier with the tuition Emma has given me. Her lessons are aimed at singers of all ranges of skill and confidence. Emma is the perfect guide for whatever your musical aspirations are, designing her lessons to fit your unique voice and style by taking extensive notes on each students voice, tracking your progress each lesson. Aside from her lessons Emma takes it upon herself to organise singing events and performances for her students with the aim of strengthening your confidence and performance ability. Not only have I left Emma’s lessons with confidence, passion for music and new found skill I have also left with a friend.  Thanks Emma! couldn’t have done it without you.”

Grace Colley
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